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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

  “You are innocent until proven guilty.” Isn’t this a true fact in the United States? Yes it is, but the police in the United States seem to think opposite. We seemingly have to prove our innocence all the time, or being guilty until proven innocent. Doing anything the police don’t like or have just been taught to dislike is ... Read More »

Isis is Influcing Others

Isis is Influencing the World

We all have heard of Isis on TV and online, it’s a radical group attempting to scare the world with it’s gruesome actions. Isis although it is currently getting bigger and stronger each day is not the only thing we have to worry about. Their actions are being showed all over the web and even mainstream TV, to the entire ... Read More »

Refuse Illegal DHS Checkpoints

Refuse DHS Checkpoints

DHS checkpoints, or better known as immigration checkpoints are illegal and unconstitutional. These checkpoints are located anywhere from 20-100 miles from the Mexican borders and are not for crossing the borders from the United States to Mexico. These immigration checkpoints are similar to DUI checkpoints, which a post was made about those, click here to read that story. The purpose ... Read More »