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Recent Posts

Refuse Illegal DHS Checkpoints

Refuse DHS Checkpoints

DHS checkpoints, or better known as immigration checkpoints are illegal and unconstitutional. These checkpoints are located anywhere from 20-100 miles from the Mexican borders and are not for crossing the borders from the United States to Mexico. These immigration checkpoints are similar to DUI checkpoints, which a post was made about those, click here to read that story. The purpose ... Read More »

You Have the Right To Record Police

Record The Police

With more police brutality reports being spread around everyday, recording the police is a needed action to be done with every police interaction. With cameras in every persons pocket, there is not reason on why police should not always be recorded. As you can see from our Police Brutality section which you can find my clicking here,┬áthat police are crossing ... Read More »

70 Year Old Man Shot for Getting His Cane

Police Brutality

Last month on February 25th, 2014 an elderly man was shot after going for his cane. The traffic stop was initiated because the driver had expired tags. The 70 year old driver, Bobby Dean Canipe, was with a female friend driving back from Florida when this event occurred, and he was just on his was back to North Carolina. The ... Read More »